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I can kill you with my brain
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@lucerovespertino I didn’t have spinach or the motivation to go to the grocery store so I compensated with cilantro and parsley :( hoping it turns out tasting somewhat as fresh!

The other baby, patiently waiting for me to go to bed

Diego, albeit, enjoys the alternative. He kicks back and carefully eats the sprinkles one by one, then carefully licking the frosting entirely off the baked confection, followed by tentative and savory nibbles. Polar opposites.

Johnathan’s Life Analogies: Best way to enjoy a cupcake or any special treat? Don’t even second guess your blessing. Dive down and stuff it whole.


(via fat-moonkin)

Organic whole grain blueberry bunny and flower pancakes! Celebrating Easter early cause Johnny works tomorrow! Later… cupcakes!

My adorable new Hello Kitty mug 😻 💕